Tuesday, 15 October 2013

15th October - Day 22 -

Feeling tired again.  Hardly surprising considering what I ate over the weekend!

Breakfast - Banana, slice of Leerdammer... I think I'm addicted!

Lunch - 1 x sausage and some guacamole + another banana!

Afternoon - I was cooking Coquille St Jacques and only needed half the wine so drank a small glass of white wine! (Naughty!)...  You are allowed wine in moderation but it's meant to be red!

Dinner - Coquille St Jacques (scallops, potato, egg yolk, butter, nutmeg, salt, pepper, cream, cheese, celery, thyme) with carrots, broccoli and brussels sprouts.

Also tonight is the Great British Bakeoff which always makes me hungry so I made some coconut macaroons based on this recipe.  I didn't make my own jammy stuff though, I just used 100% fruit wild blueberry jam from Holland and Barratt (it's sweetened with fruit juice rather than sugar).

Monday, 14 October 2013

14th October - Day 21 - MEGA SLIP HANGOVER!

I've somehow lost a day!?

I'm not amending every entry so apologies!

So how am I feeling today after yesterday's mega slip?

Tired.  Had to drag myself out of bed.

Stomach not bad so far (touch wood!)




Breakfast - Savoury Paleo Muffin (I added chilli flakes and cheese though :)) I also need a deeper muffin tin as the paper cases were deeper than the tin and when I added the egg they splurged a bit!  Also, not so much chill next time!  Also the muffins stuck to the paper so might need different cases.

Lunch - Paleo sushi (quinoa cooked and mixed with sushi vinegar, filled with red pepper and anchovies, wrapped in nori.

Dinner - Zoodles and meatballs from Nom Nom Paleo (but using my own sauce of fried onion, garlic, apple, celery, red pepper, mushroom, cooked with chopped tinned tomatoes, salt and pepper, chilli powder, squirt of ketchup - all blitzed and then whole olives added.

Snacks - Strawberries x 4 with flaked almonds and natural yoghurt.

After the first 4 lbs I haven't lost any more weight though I've had compliments :)
I think I need to eat more mindfully and slowly to prevent overeating and mindless eating as well as watch the banana intake, the dairy intake and the cheating!!!

Also exercise more.  I'm generally quite active in the house, walk a fair bit and carry shopping home from the supermarket but I could do some of Mark's workouts too!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

12th October - Day 20 - MEGA SLIP

Breakfast - Nil (well unless you count a communion wafer and wine!)

Lunch - Omelette (onion, mushroom, cheese)

Dinner - Mother-in-law's birthday party so I went astray again!

Cheese pasta with croutons, cheese and onion pie, cocktail sausage, mini scotch eggs, birthday cake, angel delight, meringue, raspberries.

Snacks - Extra crunchy crisps, maltesers, chocolate Jammie Dodger, a TUC cracker, cola (oh over it are you?)... yes... I am ashamed :(

I feel ill :(

11th October - Day 19 - Extra crunchy cheating! O.o

Breakfast - Blackberries and Strawberries with Plain Yoghurt

Lunch - Scrambled eggs.

Dinner - Mumtaz Lamb Rogan Josh - a ready meal and not ideal but pretty healthy for processed food!

Snacks - Extra Crunchy Crisps (!) 

Yes, we went shopping and extra crunchy crisps are my greatest weakness :(

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

10th October - Day 18 - Cola. I'm over it!

TIRED this morning!

Breakfast - Cup of Tea

Lunch - Mattesons Sausage (not Paleo but it needed using).

Dinner - Cottage pie (minced beef, Hendersons relish, garlic, onions, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, butter, nutmeg, parsnips) broccoli, carrots.

Snacks - Wensleydale with cranberries, Dark chocolate x 2 squares, Mattesons sausage, Cola, 1/2 a nut bar.

Cola.  I used to love it but have concluded I'm not missing much.  The cottage pie was yummy even if Hendersons isn't strictly Paleo ;)

9th October - Day 17 - Takeaways are NOT a treat!

Breakfast - nut bar

Lunch - left over fishcake and cauliflower

Dinner - Chinese takeaway (crispy shredded chicken & chilli, boiled rice, noodles)

Snacks - Strawberries and Blueberries

I felt ill immediately after eating the takeaway.  Stomach issues and grogginess :(

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8th October - Day 16 - Paleo nut bars! :P

Breakfast - Paleo Nut Bars

Lunch - Crispy Bacon (place on a wire rack and cook at gas mark 4 for about 25 minutes) and Guacamole.

Dinner - Fishcakes (cod, parsnip, onions, cheese, egg) with veg.

My migraine, period pains and PMS have not been as severe this month... coincidence?

Monday, 7 October 2013

7th October - My husband has joined in!

My husband has also decided to give the diet a go :)

Breakfast - paleo pancakes

Lunch - Paprika chicken salad (Hubby had a sausage sarni not very Paleo!)

Dinner - Curry and quinoa (yes, more leftovers!)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

6th October - Day 14 - Amnesia!

Breakfast - Nil

Lunch - Blue cheese, cucumber, 2 x bananas

Dinner - left over tuna curry & quinoa.

Snacks - there must have been some but I forgot!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

5th October - Day 13 - Macadamia!

Breakfast - Paleo pancakes with Maple Syrup

Lunch - Onion, mushroom and blue cheese omelette with raw spinach, tomato, cucumber and balsamic/honey dressing.

Dinner - Thai green curry (tuna, mushrooms, onion, red peppers, sweet potato, cauli, green thai curry paste, coconut milk) with quinoa.

Snack - Handful of macadamias, slice of leerdammer, 2 squares of dark chocolate, 1 small pickled beet.

Apparently Macadamias are the best type of nut because of high Omega 3 :)

Friday, 4 October 2013

4th October - Day 12 - I love Roast!

Breakfast - None

Lunch - Paprika chicken, chutney, roasted peppers, pesto, potatoes, salad leaves, balsamic (from Roast).

Dinner - 2 x slices of Leerdammer filled with left over guacamole.  Pickled beets.

Snacks - Square of dark chocolate, banana.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

3rd October - Day 11 - DON'T BAKE COOKIES!

Breakfast - Banana

Lunch - Slice of Leerdammer, nectarine + banana + cream + cinnamon

Dinner - Chicken breast pan fried in pork dripping, guacamole, leerdammer, cucumber.

Snacks - 1 x boiled egg, 2 squares of dark chocolate, COOKIE!!!

Someone PLEASE remind me never to make cookies again!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

2cnd October - Day 10 - hormonal cravings!

Breakfast - banana

Lunch - left over mashed potatoes with ginger, onion, butter and curry powder + a fried egg.

Dinner - Corned beef hash, carrots, broccoli

Snacks - Piece of Wensleydale, Home made (non paleo) cookie, square of dark chocolate, slice of leerdammer.

Basically it's hormonal city so I feel migrainey and full of cravings for crisps and sugar!

On the plus side my engagement ring feels looser on my finger!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

1st October - day 9 - Migraine and Paleo Pancakes UK recipe

MIGRAINE!  However it wasn't severe enough to require medication :)  Dissipated after a good night's sleep.

Breakfast - sweet paleo pancakes (plain) UK measurements!



1 x Banana
Vanilla Essence
Nut butter (I used almond butter which can be bought at Holland and Barratt)
1 x Egg
Pinch Cinnamon
Pinch Black Pepper
Fat for frying (unsalted butter or coconut butter are good)

Mash the banana, mix in the nut butter, spices and vanilla.  Whisk the egg in another dish before mixing that in too.

Heat the oil in a frying pan, pour out the batter in about 3 large splodges.  Cook for 1-2 minutes until golden then flip and do the other side.

Serve with fresh fruit or 100% fruit jam or maple syrup or honey.  Or just eat them plain.

Lunch - Cold cooked beef filled with cottage cheese & basil with cucumber.

Dinner - Mashed butternut squash with butter and black pepper, peas, tomato, minted lamb burger from local butcher.

Snacks - crisps, Leerdammer slice,

1st October - Foods in season in October