Monday, 14 October 2013

14th October - Day 21 - MEGA SLIP HANGOVER!

I've somehow lost a day!?

I'm not amending every entry so apologies!

So how am I feeling today after yesterday's mega slip?

Tired.  Had to drag myself out of bed.

Stomach not bad so far (touch wood!)




Breakfast - Savoury Paleo Muffin (I added chilli flakes and cheese though :)) I also need a deeper muffin tin as the paper cases were deeper than the tin and when I added the egg they splurged a bit!  Also, not so much chill next time!  Also the muffins stuck to the paper so might need different cases.

Lunch - Paleo sushi (quinoa cooked and mixed with sushi vinegar, filled with red pepper and anchovies, wrapped in nori.

Dinner - Zoodles and meatballs from Nom Nom Paleo (but using my own sauce of fried onion, garlic, apple, celery, red pepper, mushroom, cooked with chopped tinned tomatoes, salt and pepper, chilli powder, squirt of ketchup - all blitzed and then whole olives added.

Snacks - Strawberries x 4 with flaked almonds and natural yoghurt.

After the first 4 lbs I haven't lost any more weight though I've had compliments :)
I think I need to eat more mindfully and slowly to prevent overeating and mindless eating as well as watch the banana intake, the dairy intake and the cheating!!!

Also exercise more.  I'm generally quite active in the house, walk a fair bit and carry shopping home from the supermarket but I could do some of Mark's workouts too!

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