Tuesday, 15 October 2013

15th October - Day 22 -

Feeling tired again.  Hardly surprising considering what I ate over the weekend!

Breakfast - Banana, slice of Leerdammer... I think I'm addicted!

Lunch - 1 x sausage and some guacamole + another banana!

Afternoon - I was cooking Coquille St Jacques and only needed half the wine so drank a small glass of white wine! (Naughty!)...  You are allowed wine in moderation but it's meant to be red!

Dinner - Coquille St Jacques (scallops, potato, egg yolk, butter, nutmeg, salt, pepper, cream, cheese, celery, thyme) with carrots, broccoli and brussels sprouts.

Also tonight is the Great British Bakeoff which always makes me hungry so I made some coconut macaroons based on this recipe.  I didn't make my own jammy stuff though, I just used 100% fruit wild blueberry jam from Holland and Barratt (it's sweetened with fruit juice rather than sugar).

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