Wednesday, 25 September 2013

25th September - Day 3 -

Really bad night's sleep.  Only very light sleep, even for me!  Partly because my head was going around and around obsessing over the Paleo diet.  Who?  Obsessive? Me!?

Woke many times with extended periods of semi sleep and light dozing.  How come I slept better drinking caffeinated cola before bed!?

Went to the supermarket and walked back with the heavy shopping so that's appropriate Paleo exercise :)  I think I overdid it though as I had another energy crash when I got home, even ended up having to take a nap :(

Breakfast - Plain yoghurt, strawberries.

Lunch - Grated cheese mixed with cress and wrapped in cold, sliced beef plus a carrot salad (grated carrot, black pepper and olive oil mixed) and cucumber slices.

Dinner - Cauliflower Cheese (cauli, onions, butter, coconut milk,  curry powder, cheese).

Snacks - left over beef roll from lunch, banana x 3, handful of nuts, plain yoghurt with pomegranate seeds.

Current health problems that I'm hoping will improve:

Mood swings/Depression/Anxiety - especially around periods.
Acne/Redness to skin and abscesses.
Cravings (especially around periods)
Migraines (especially around periods)
Foot and leg pains.
General aches and pains.
Gastric Reflux problems.

Lets hope they get better!

Waist measurement - 37.5 inches.
Hips - 41.5

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