Friday, 27 September 2013

September 27th - Day 5 - Better sleep.

Slept more easily and soundly through the night although I got up briefly at 3am.  Lots of dreams still but a more 'proper' sleep.  Awoke 5 minutes before the alarm so got up.  Felt wide awake and full of energy right away!

Breakfast - scrambled eggs made with lots of butter.

Lunch - left over cauli cheese

Dinner - roast chicken fried up with onions in a blend of butter and coconut oil with broccoli and boiled parsnips (with added butter).

Snacks - handful of nuts, 1 x square of dark chocolate, chai latte sweetened with 1 tsp honey, cracking and left over roast chicken.

Felt a bit refluxy today.  Maybe yesterday's chillis or just a bad back from sitting at the computer?

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